Monday, July 8, 2013

Pablo Reaches Adulthood

      It was just last week when my pepper plant had a horrible tumble during a storm. I was affraid he wasn't going to make it but here he is.. proving me all kinds uh wrong. Not only did Pablo grow a few inches in the last week but he has also started sprouting some soon-to-be-pepper buds.  He's all grown up! It's weird because the buds are all coming in on two new growth areas of the plant. I would have thought the buds would sprout on more established parts of the  
   stem or older branches. 

       On another note this will be the last full picture of Pablo for a while. I'll be    
    following the progress of the flowers and peppers from now on. So while Pablo
    may get taller you won't see his full height until the end of the season.


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