Monday, June 3, 2013

Ursus-Avian War: News from the Front!

So I'm a day late reporting in on the pepper plant's progress. But I have good reason!!

It all started Friday. My fiance' and I were lazing about in the afternoon and enjoying our own respective distractions when I noticed a giant crow perched on the outside of my balcony railing. With my previous run ins with the smaller birds in the neighborhood I was cautious sure but I easily slipped back into my reading.  A few moments later I heard the cackle of that very same crow and now he was on the balcony. His evil gaze firmly cast upon my pepper plant. His every step bringing Pablo closer to destruction. Pom and I shooed the little devil away and my attention quickly drifted back to whatever was on my computer screen at the time. (Bears watch random internet videos too).

I assumed all that nonsense was a fluke. 

After all, what would a crow want with a pepper plant with no fruit and standing only a few inches tall? Could the smaller birds really have decided to bring in the big guns? 

...and I was wrong. 
Saturday I was out with my buddy Tyler at a paintball field and got a call from Pom that the crow was back. He was acting even more bold and marched right up to the planter. Pom had to once again banish the little beast and this time I asked her to pull the plant inside.

I wont stand for it. I wont have a plant that is perfectly ready to move outdoors hindered by this or any other feathered menace. So here is my crudely designed and clumsily constructed anti-bird box. 


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