Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trouble mixing wind and fire.

        Pablo the Pepper Plant and I are moving right along but it hasn't been easy.
These Trinidad Scorpion Peppers have VERY shallow roots it seems. They fall over for just about anything. I'm trying to get the little one used to being outside so I left him on the balcony for two or three hours while I went to look for reception halls with Siriporn. I returned to find my precious plant lay flat in its pot. I cursed the wind, sky, and all the birds of the earth for my misfortune. Luckily for them no permanent damage was done to the plant. I set it up right and build the dirt a little taller around the stem. He seems alot more sturdy now. He found himself laid out earlier this week when i got a little overzealous with the water ... AGAIN. So if you plan on growing one of these plants make sure you start them early in the year so you can avoid the trouble of a tiny plant that needs the warmth of outdoors but its still to weak to handle it. I'm still very positive but I'm starting to wonder if I'll get peppers by the end of the harvest season.    


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