Monday, July 8, 2013

Pablo Reaches Adulthood

      It was just last week when my pepper plant had a horrible tumble during a storm. I was affraid he wasn't going to make it but here he is.. proving me all kinds uh wrong. Not only did Pablo grow a few inches in the last week but he has also started sprouting some soon-to-be-pepper buds.  He's all grown up! It's weird because the buds are all coming in on two new growth areas of the plant. I would have thought the buds would sprout on more established parts of the  
   stem or older branches. 

       On another note this will be the last full picture of Pablo for a while. I'll be    
    following the progress of the flowers and peppers from now on. So while Pablo
    may get taller you won't see his full height until the end of the season.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Delayed write.

I know he loooks fine but this is his best side. Pablo was pushed over by a rather large gust of wind. I came home to find two limbs broken off and his face in the dirt. I've since tied him up with a shoe string but I can't garantee he will survive. The leaves still look healthy enough. I was pretty bummed about the whole thing. It's a learning experience and knowing how shallow the roots on a Trinadad Scorpion pepper plant are I should have provided support BEFORE this incident. We're still hopefull he will produce fruit by the end of the season and if he survives until next year Pablo will certainly have earned an award for toughest pepper plant around. Thanks mostly to my foolhardy attempt to bring him up from seed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is that a sunburn?

I took this picture on Sunday but the streak is still there as I once again submit a late update on a Tuesday evening.  It looks like a burn to me. I figure it happened when I foolishly watered my plants in the mid-afternoon sun. I probably thought ... this whole not watering in the sun thing is a bunch of hogwash. My plants need water... I mean how would plants survive all this time if they can't stand a little sun after it rains. Mark that down on the long list of gardening things I was wrong about.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ravens and Rain be damned.

Just a little overview of what happens when a bear tries to grow peppers.

1. Unseasonably cold weather
2. To much blasted rain
3. It's to cloudy all the blasted time.
4. Every time you leave your plant outside the weather changes drastically. Hot to cold, dry to wet.
5. Ravenous crows, and ravens, and every damn animal in the sky attacks your plant.
6. The cage you build for your plant has a hole in the
                                                                                        netting because you misjudge the size of the
                                                                                    7. It rains even more.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ursus-Avian War: News from the Front!

So I'm a day late reporting in on the pepper plant's progress. But I have good reason!!

It all started Friday. My fiance' and I were lazing about in the afternoon and enjoying our own respective distractions when I noticed a giant crow perched on the outside of my balcony railing. With my previous run ins with the smaller birds in the neighborhood I was cautious sure but I easily slipped back into my reading.  A few moments later I heard the cackle of that very same crow and now he was on the balcony. His evil gaze firmly cast upon my pepper plant. His every step bringing Pablo closer to destruction. Pom and I shooed the little devil away and my attention quickly drifted back to whatever was on my computer screen at the time. (Bears watch random internet videos too).

I assumed all that nonsense was a fluke. 

After all, what would a crow want with a pepper plant with no fruit and standing only a few inches tall? Could the smaller birds really have decided to bring in the big guns? 

...and I was wrong. 
Saturday I was out with my buddy Tyler at a paintball field and got a call from Pom that the crow was back. He was acting even more bold and marched right up to the planter. Pom had to once again banish the little beast and this time I asked her to pull the plant inside.

I wont stand for it. I wont have a plant that is perfectly ready to move outdoors hindered by this or any other feathered menace. So here is my crudely designed and clumsily constructed anti-bird box. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trouble mixing wind and fire.

        Pablo the Pepper Plant and I are moving right along but it hasn't been easy.
These Trinidad Scorpion Peppers have VERY shallow roots it seems. They fall over for just about anything. I'm trying to get the little one used to being outside so I left him on the balcony for two or three hours while I went to look for reception halls with Siriporn. I returned to find my precious plant lay flat in its pot. I cursed the wind, sky, and all the birds of the earth for my misfortune. Luckily for them no permanent damage was done to the plant. I set it up right and build the dirt a little taller around the stem. He seems alot more sturdy now. He found himself laid out earlier this week when i got a little overzealous with the water ... AGAIN. So if you plan on growing one of these plants make sure you start them early in the year so you can avoid the trouble of a tiny plant that needs the warmth of outdoors but its still to weak to handle it. I'm still very positive but I'm starting to wonder if I'll get peppers by the end of the harvest season.    

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Naps in the Sun.

Pablo and I had similar experiences this weekend. How you ask did a pepper plant and a fireBear trying to raise said pepper plant have a similar experience? Because we were laid flat. I hosted a wheat beer tasting party of one and consequently fell into a deep three hour slumber. Pablo toppled due to overzealous watering and the awkward, top heavy stage he finds him self in on the journey to adulthood. I might get a chopstick and prop him up to avoid this in the future. I'm not sure what to do about my naps though. 

Character not mine: DovhaBear